Ashland Screening Oct 24, 2014

Our Ashland Producer:
One thing I reviewed in my mind...(not about the movie, but all about me, bless my heart..)  You know when I said that I had thought to myself, "I should get paid alot for this," when I realized that I had done a good job of promoting/marketing the film. ? What, I meant was, " I feel good to remember I'm good at this - something that takes a good deal of skill/instinct, etc., that is of significant value." It's not about monetary pay, of course, although that IS the way the value of something is often compensated.  I  still sometimes say to myself, "Wow, I'm a grown up, doing grown up things that require wisdom, insight, skill, etc." I had the similar reflection as I sat on the personnel review committee re the music director. Here I was, sitting with others who were a few years older than I, and had more "professional" titles, (an attorney, the interim pastor, the church Moderator who was a head hauncho in some fire/rescue  county department.) But, like I said, was taking the lead in meetings, etc., often "leading" the meetings, suggesting the next step, etc.  When I mentioned it to Brad, he said, "Yes, you are really good at that, and you seem to forget it too often."    So thank you for the opportunity to revisit that woman and give her a pat on the back. Bless her heart! 
Love, Julia

Sacramento Premiere Oct 2, 2014 
Maybe there is some photoshop chickanery at play.  
Mike Bollum plays "Hugh" in the film.

Will with his awesome girlfriend Ariana, and his awesome mother Claire.  I'm sorry that I don't know the rest of the folks.   
Diane is a great friend of Kathi and Sharon (producers) and Jodie is her beautiful daughter who played the bigoted nurse.  

Hello Ken,  
I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be an extra in your absolutely lovely movie. The experience will stay with me always and will forever be a bright spot in my life and history, one of the lights to draw on when I have darker moments and times. That is a real gift and I greatly appreciate it. I wanted to make sure you were aware just how much of an impact it makes on others when you reach out to the communities you work in in the manner that you do. We all lead lives full of various sorrows, tragedies, challenges, and trials and you never know how much another person may need the lift of a little something special. In my life, your movie rolled into town at a very critical juncture and after a long series of trials and grief; it helped me out tremendously to be able to experience a little something special.  I don't get that very often, am usually giving it away instead. So, thank you. And, the movie was a delight. You fleshed it out beautifully and it is something I would have seen and recommended even if I'd never heard of you before or had the chance to be an extra. Please keep writing and creating! Take care and God bless,  

World Premiere Party, 7/13/14

Our invaluable Producer and Exec Prodiucer, hosts of the party
Sharon Bollum and Kathi Finnerty

Excellent Producer/Editor and Production Manager
Rick Lunn and Bernadette Kelly

Outfest Red Carpet, 7/10/14
Will Nicol, Ken Roht, Mickey Cottrell

We've finally logged all of the footage and are about halfway through editing the rough cut.  It's looking great.  
Paul Goldowitz is starting to make music for the film.
My favorite feeling right now is appreciation for all of the community people that gave so much to the project.  I know that I can't let them down, so the feeling is keeping me driven and on track.  Onward!!


Wow.  We're making a movie.  All over California.  This is CRAZY!!

4/16, just casted MARK, the lead young man in the film.  William Nicol will be brilliant as the budding songster with a chip on his shoulder.  Super exciting.  This is his singing audition...

4/19, Yesterday I started the fundraising effort.  Of course the incredibles, Sissy Boyd and Michael Bonnabel, were the first two to donate... lovely sums both.

A very sweet person said that all she could afford to send was $10. Such a great gift to our production.

Shooting starts June 1, in Elk Grove.  

Rehearsal at Kathi Finnerty's barn, with horses and donkeys and goats curiously lurking nearby.

We've taken over Tyler and Derrick's home for a month.  True gay cowboys with very generous spirits.

Shooting an intense scene.

Breakfast at the "frat house".

Will in his bedroom, which doubled for a lot of things.  

Preparing for a corral riding shot at the beautiful Dylan Meyer Ranch. 

 Dylan Meyer was a such a good actor.  

Kathi, wrangler, hanging out with Bear.

Charla, not nearly as serious as her character.  

The invaluable Bernadette.  

Alex, our lovable slate man.  A great PA and a super nice guy.  

Nathan!  Our on-again-off-again cook and all-around helpful spirit. 

Craft service.  We had PLENTY of bar-b-q during the shoot.  

Bear, our champion stunt rider at the Dylan Meyer Ranch.

Got an opportunity to lunge line without a line.  

Jimmy breaks an ATM with an aluminum bat!  Quite satisfying. 

DAY 13
 U.C. Irvine musical theater students added a great deal to the film.  A flyer soliciting extras for a "big concert" in the film.  

DAY 14
Producer Sharon and son, Trevor.  Great people.  

DAY 15
Jeremy marvels at the helicopter camera while a lot of us marvel at the helicopter running crew :)

Brittany was our stunt rider at the Super K Ranch in Oakdale.  She was a trooper, in really hot weather, her horse being chased by a helicopter-cam.  

Will turned out to be a natural on a horse.  Here he is about to strip to his skivvies to retrieve his cowboy hat from the mossy pond.  

Ken, our incredible Assoc. Producer Gael Sosinski, Kim Janoe, and Will, watching the helicopter-cam.

Trevor Bollum, and his hard working crew, setting up his 50ft Cam-Pole

Also in Oakdale, the H-B Saloon.  Will entertains extras!  

Jeremy should really keep a chiropractor on retainer.  He never put down that camera.  

Kevin "John Doyle" Sosinsky, owner of the Super K Ranch and actor of more than 300 of his own car commercials.  He served us well, in so many ways.  

Jimmy, looking intense... for a change.  

DAY 16
Jimmy and the Poole Boys and crew shoot at the Wrangler Bar, in Elk Grove.  

Jeffrey, quite the poser.                        Ken's running again.

The ever-supportive Kim Janoe, brightening up the place with her enthusiasm.

Having an adorable sound man helps.  It just does.  

Behind the bar is a new friend and PC's constant companion, George Maxwell.  His dry delivery as the bartender was priceless.  

DAY 17
Awesome bass player Joe Lev has helped to lead our band.

Huck kept kissing TJ at band rehearsal.

DAY 20
A flyer soliciting extras for a "big concert" in the film.  

The Historic Schmeiser Barn in Davis, before.  Big thanks to Brian and Devon for their 
help converting the space.  

The Schmeiser Barn, after.  We threw a party, got 40 extras and cloggers and had a great night of shooting.  

                                                                                         Composer Paul joins the band as Elvis.                                                   

Maesto Paul Sutherland on Pedal Steel!

Some apres-concert bonding.  

DAY 21
Placer County Fair, doing what I did for a month.  Like a hamster on a wheel.

In a modified Johnny Cash pose outside Folsom Prison.  I actually got to walk through the gates!!

Devon, tech expert at the barn concert the night before, helps out at Folsom.

DAY 23
Some of the members of the First Congregational Church, who contributed so much to the film. 

DAY 24
A "family" portrait, at Hank Handelman's house.  We used so much of it, to its most beautiful utmost.

This is at Stephanie's home.  She is the pastor at the church that we shot in.  She's been indispensable.  

MVP!  Tristan, Second Camera, always working.

Day 27
We got to shoot at the Sierra College Nursing School.  Excellent location!

Rick takes over Sound Man duties for the day, expertly!

Young filmmaker Jerreht Harris, doing excellent and interesting work, helping as an extra. 

"Nurses" Courtney and Jodi help Ken to fake a wound.  

JUNE 30 (our final day)
At The Station Lounge in Roseville, members of the Northern California Cloggers Association (, led by Michele Hill.  

My involvement in Perfect Cowboy began the day I read Ken’s email asking if I could help pull a group of cloggers together. Heck yeah! In addition to the excitement of being in a movie, I was soon equally excited about meeting Ken and his team. Through our email exchanges I could tell there is passion for this movie, genuine interest in the people involved, and an underlying kindness and gratitude that permeated our communication. Being part of the Perfect Cowboy team is a high point of my 27 years of clogging. I am eager to see how the scenes are pulled together to tell this wonderful story.
- Michele Hill, President of the NCCA