The shooting of PERFECT COWBOY will take the 
production to five location areas throughout California:
Sacramento/Elk Grove/Wilton/Placer/Davis/Rosemont/
Los Angeles/University of California, Irvine

Sacramento/Elk Grove/Wilton/Placer/Davis/Rosemont/
Ken's childhood friend, Kathi Finnerty, is an attorney and a competitive cutting horse rider in this area. As a lesbian cultivating an alternative family, she was one of the first people to read the script. She responded so enthusiastically, offering to help secure cow folks, horses, entire families and locations for the film. 

In the process, the production secured Dylan Meyer's Cutting Horse Training Center in Jackson Ca, and Ultra Truck Works Garage in Elk Grove, as locations.  The crew stayed at Tyler Haney's home for most of the shoot, which served as the home of the lead characters. 

The band in the film with be performing at the Placer County Fair and at Sacramento's hot spot, The Station.  We'll be shooting the performances for the film.  

Kathi Finnerty's Barn

Tyler Haney's home, Wilton Ca.  

Folsom Prison

 Wrangler Bar, Elk Grove

 The Historic Schmeiser Barn, Davis Ca.  Home to the Barnyard Theater Company.

Sierra College Nursing School

Very early in the pre-production process, my friend in the Sequoias invited us to bring the production of Perfect Cowboy to her neighborhood.  Soon she experienced her well-intentioned neighbors objectifying her for her sexuality, and decided that she couldn't be happy being "that lesbian involved with the gay movie project."  So, my friend asked us to suspend plans for shooting in her area.  Of course, we complied.  

Perfect Cowboy is being made to help people get through situations just like this one. We don't see this as "a gay movie project."  We see this is a family film.

In the process, we met Rev. Stephanie Doss at the First Congregational Church, Tulare.  We need to shoot some scenes in a church, working with the church's choir and bell choirs. Stephanie opened her doors, and her heart, open wide to our project.  With the help of Musical Director Susan Burley, we're going to realize our vision for these scenes.  

Through the church we met Jerry and Susan Sevier, who have been enormously supportive, helping us to secure other important locations.  They are still pending, but we'll let you know when they're locked in.  

Georgine is a liturgist for the church and played one in our film.

Hank Handelman's Home

Well, now we have sisters in the act!  Sharon, playing "Kathy" told her sister Gael Sosinsky about our film, and Gael just happens to have the perfect location for one of out important scenes in the film.  On her beautiful property, Super K Ranch, there is a fantastic pond with lots of gorgeous land around it.  We're so lucky to have secured this location.  Thank you Gael and Sharon!!

H-B Saloon, Oakdale Ca.

University of California, Irvine
There are three rather involved scenes in Perfect Cowboy that are supposed to take place in Branson, Missouri.  Large amusement park musical revue sequences!   We didn't how we were going to get these done on our micro budget.  But Ken, who has worked for many years at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, noticed that his OSF colleague Dr. Gary Busby had just become the Chair of the U.C. Irvine Theater Department.  Eureeka!  Ken asked Gary if his musical theater department would care to partner with Perfect Cowboy.  Gary thought that this was a great idea, and we're off!  We are able to work with many talented performance students, use a beautiful theater with a perfect preexisting theater set, a very professional looking rehearsal room and a great backstage area as locations.  We are so lucky!!

Featuring the talented Musical Theater students from U.C. Irvine