Will Nicol as MARK, the hotheaded, country singing son of two gay fathers.

Jimmy Poole gets out of prison, eager to rejoin his novelty/country band and to reunite with his family.  
His longtime lover/partner, Tyler, has put his son, Jimmy's step son Mark, into the band while Jimmy was away.  
When Jimmy's kicks Mark out of the band, the resentments fly and the family feuding begins.

Trying to acclimate to his old life, Jimmy goes back to his heavy drinking.  
Mark's marriage to a conservative Christian woman is in trouble and his identity in question.  
His father, Jimmy's partner Ty, is caught in the middle of deep family fighting.

After a brutal fight between Jimmy and Mark, the latter seeks the council of his estranged mother, an ex drug addict.
  Through her, Mark decides to starts his life over by accepting a performer position in a 
Branson, Missouri amusement park show.

Jimmy and Ty try to heal their relationship.  
A huge obstacle arises when Jimmy is forced to admit to Tyler that he has contracted HIV in prison.  
Tyler is not sure that he can forgive Jimmy's infidelity, and is petrified by Jimmy's "condition."  
Tyler moves out of the house.

In Branson, Mark thrives and learns to understand and embrace the flamboyant entertainment world.  
He's now ready to accept his fathers fully.  
He goes home for Thanksgiving, where all try to reunite.

Banner art by Karen Steward

Will Nichol and Jeffrey Watkins as MARK and TY, father and son.